Christopher James Spear


	To Lead,
		To Serve,
			with Honor.


In discourse both earnest and honorable shall I accept judgement by this code--my honor


I am Christopher James Spear. 

	I believe that in Symbiosis
		there is life for all, 
		the self is whole, yet part 
		a people, a village. 

	I am a Transcender, 
		in hardship I shall Adapt and Overcome,
		in triumph I shall be humble--giving back
		what has been given.

	I am a safeholder of Traditions that give foundation
		and yet, 
		I shall be in the vanguard of change,
		writing the old lessons in new ways,
		adding to Wisdom.

	I dance in the Paradox that is...
		learning, but teaching
		Never knowing in the moment,
		which is my partner.

	I seek Truth on its long journey,
		hoping often to be its companion.

	I believe there is Great Mystery in the Universe
		that makes many, One 

By this code shall I be known,

no mystery am I--evermore

Christopher James Spear


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